The path to wellness begins with massage.

Why You Need Massage

During a massage not only does one experience deep relaxation, one discovers their ability to enter a sacred space a sense of well being and your body’s innate healing abilities are awakened.

Darla’s healing touch and experience in a wide range of massage modalities will assist you in your healing process.

Whether it is Swedish massage, myofascial release, foot reflexology, prenatal or hot stone massage, you will want to make body work a regular part of your health and wellness intentions.

About Darla

Darla J. Donovan is a Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Instructor of Infant Massage.

She believes massage is a sacred experience where she and her clients enter a place of well-being and deep relaxation; a sacred space where the body’s natural healing ability is enhanced.

It is her intent that each and every one of her clients enjoy optimum health and vitality, and it is her honor to play a part in that process.

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Darla offers a sacred massage experience to help you enjoy optimum health and vitality. Learn More