Why You Need Massage

During a massage not only does one experience deep relaxation, one discovers their ability to enter a sacred space a sense of well being and your body’s innate healing abilities are awakened.

Darla’s healing touch and experience in a wide range of massage modalities will assist you in your healing process.

Whether it is Swedish massage, myofascial release, foot reflexology, prenatal or hot stone massage, you will want to make body work a regular part of your health and wellness intentions.

If you’re pregnant, be confident that you are safe in Darla’s hands.  She has several hours of classroom training, over a decade of experience in prenatal massage, and is capable of attending to your unique needs during this special time.

And as a new parent, let Darla lead you through the various techniques of the ancient art of infant massage. Learn and experience for yourself, the lifetime benefits that infant massage can bring to you and your child.

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