Prenatal Massage

As someone who had a difficult time with childbirth, I was drawn to learn pregnancy massage. The benefits of massage, especially relaxation and getting more in touch with your body, made me think that these two elements would have made childbirth a very different experience for me. And I really wanted to help women enjoy their pregnancies instead of think of all the discomfort and foreignness involved.

So I studied pregnancy massage to recreate my own experience and enhance that of other women. Being pregnant is an amazingly wonderous process—we are blessed to be able to co-create life, and bring forth another being on this planet!

For pregnancy massage, I use special bolsters and pillows designed to enhance the safety and comfort of the pregnant woman. The massage is done side to side and on the back with the support of wedged bolsters. The safety of the client and her child are foremost.

Benefits for Women Receiving Regular Prenatal Massages

  • Helps prepare for an easier delivery by teaching the body to relax
  • Stimulates glandular secretions, stabilizes hormonal levels and decreases the ill effects of hormonal changes
  • Increased circulation brings greater nutrition to the tissues of the body (including the placenta) and enhances the removal of waste products
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system resulting in more energy and less fatigue
  • Helps reduce the strain on the lower back, abdomen and shoulders
  • Increases muscle tone; releases muscle spasms; increases flexibility in the ligaments, tendons and joints
  • Helps to sedate the nervous system, facilitates deep relaxation and rest

In utero the baby also enjoys the benefits of a less frazzled, more relaxed mother!

Please note: Physician clearance is required for recipients of prenatal massage. An intake form must be completed and signed by the client before services are performed.