Workplace Wellness

What feels good, requires little effort, and can increase employee job satisfaction, productivity, mental alertness, and physical well-being? The answer is simple  – 15-20 minutes of chair massage.

The beauty of the chair massage lies in its simplicity. This special hands-on care brings numerous benefits yet does not require the removal of clothing or the use of oils common in other forms of massage.

Studies have shown that 15 minutes of chair massage can be more effective than a 15 minutes break at reducing workplace fatigue, relieving tightness in neck and shoulder muscles, reducing anxiety, and improving problem-solving abilities. Massage can also boost the immune system and help prevent chronic injuries such as carpal tunnel.

As the benefits of massage are realized, more businesses are offering chair massage in the workplace as an employee incentive and health maintenance resource.

My Workplace Wellness service accommodates 12 to 16 individuals during an on-site visit of five to six hours. The service can be offered as a one-time gift of appreciation, or as an ongoing monthly or quarterly health maintenance program. I bring the chair and all supplies – while you and your employees just need to sit and enjoy 15 minutes of deep relaxation.

The fee for a 5-hour session is $300 and $360 for a 6-hour session. Both include a $25 travel/set up fee for events on the Coastside and a $30/hour travel fee for Bay Area events outside the Coastside. Shorter sessions can also be arranged for smaller groups (minimum four 15-minute massages). This is available on the Coastside.

To arrange a chair massage program for your employees or coworkers, please contact me by email at or phone at (650) 740-3978.

Frequently Asked Questions on Chair Massage Events:

Q: How much do you charge for chair massage?

A: I charge $60/hour as well as a travel/set up fee based on where the event is and the time it takes to travel there. This include any extra time required to find parking and reimbursement for any parking fees.

Q: What is your travel and set up fee?

A: There is a $25 flat fee for travel and set up for Coastside events (from Pescadero to Montara). Events in other Bay Area locations are based on the time required to travel there, which is charged at $25/hr. The set-up fee is included in the travel time.

Q: How many chair massages can you do in a day?

A: In one hour, I can do 3 chair massages (one 15 minute massage per client with 5 minutes between each client). Factoring in a 30 minute lunch break, I can do up to 6.5 hours of chair massage a day — or enough time to complete 16 massages.

Q: Is there a charge if someone doesn’t show up for their massage?

A: Yes. I have set aside the time for the individual so there is a charge if they do not show up. It’s a good idea to have employees give the organizer advance notice if they cannot make it so that someone else can take the spot.

Q: What if more people want to receive a massage than the 16 you can fit in during the day?

A: We can always book an additional day during the same week or at another time. One company had me return for four Tuesday sessions where 48 employees received chair massage. Of course, I charge travel fees for each day of travel.

Q: What time do you start and finish a chair massage event?

A: It depends upon the number of chair massages. For 16 massages, I usually start at 9 a.m. (and arrive 45-60 minutes early to set up) and complete around 3 or 4 p.m.